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Our experienced startup team will support you to reach your goals faster, with more learnings and less wastage.

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We work with founders and teams to prove a concept's potential, before significant commitment.

build Demand,


We believe distribution, finding customers or users, is the biggest risk for 95%+ of startups. In today's world, most tech solutions can be built, the question of if they should or not needs to be answered first.

We help founders to launch, validate (and invalidate) concepts with speed and clarity.

Creating assets, strategies and experiments to quickly understand market appetite before investing in significant build projects.

You think you have the next big idea, together we can prove it.



A typical process, from concept to customers.


Value Proposition

Align on what value we're creating for our customers - what's our unique offering, business model and how will we generate revenue and profit.


A distinctive identity

Unique, distinctive and memorable naming and brand identity assets - we'll create a brand identity that quickly builds trust and authority in your niche


Product Belief Assets

We identify the leanest way to show a potential customer what to expect and asses intent to buy / use. This could be a website, app mock-ups, a video or a sleek sales deck.



We'll get the proposition, brand and assets in front of the right people, test market appetite and begin building traction.


Review & Feedback

Analyse the results, gather qualitative feedback and give unbiased and constructive advice on how to increase traction and results.


Next Step Support

We'll know your business and can create a bespoke growth plan and / or connect you with relevant with investors for the next step of your startup journey.



Distribution before build
  • Startups rarely fail due to a lack of product. It's the lack of customers that kills you. "No market Need" is the reason 42% of startups fail.
  • Investors care more about customers and growth than any other metric. We can work together to prove a market need and get the data to back it up.
You don't need a product...yet
  • Save time, save money. Build a waitlist first, and ensure you are building the right thing.  
  • Building the wrong thing can do irreversible damage to health of your company. By finding the customer first we set your product development journey up success.  
Lean startup principals
  • There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. - Peter Drucker.
  • Our team have decades of Lean Startup experience.
    We set achievable goals, we quickly build what's required to hit those goals and don't waste time or money.
Paul Dodd presenting a startup go to market strategy

The Steed


Steeds Startup studio

Feedback from founders we've supported:

Changed my concept

"I engaged with Steed when I had a vapor futuristic concept for a robot. The Steed team helped me scale back my bias, and put customer value first to really identify what problem I was solving and how best to communicate that. That included various customer interviews with a few lean prototypes (digitally). The final solution ended up taking various iterations based on customer value which de-risked the business. With Steed's support, ultimately we built a pitch deck that allowed me to raise about £200k. We are still using those same principles today at Huve 2 years on. "

Chris Fernandes

Founder, Huve
Quick Results

Steed has worked extensively with my company and I find his expertise invaluable. They took the time to learn about our niche, and offered some tips for actionable experiments which were both manageable for a start-up, and measurable. We saw results really quickly following their advice, and I am excited to work with them again in the future.


Lucy Emke

Founder, Resurgence Novels
There from the start

I worked with the Steed guys when I had just an idea for an app to help people get vet treatment fast! For less than a thousand pounds we worked on building a customer and marketing list and validating the core business model concepts, and that allowed me to raise my first investment round. We are now a few years and a few more investment rounds in, have a team of our own but are still sticking to the customer first philosophy we learnt with Steed!

Ben Sweeney

Founder, VidiVet
Saved me £30k

I had an idea for a fin-tech app and had a quote from an agency to build it for £30K and was ready to move forward with it.

Instead, I did an experiment with Steed and it's a blessing that I did. We found that there was no real demand for my original concept.

Instead we found some other user problems that we could solve and that helped inform the product we eventually made!

Jamie Phythian

Founder, Steer Wealth
Helped from across the world!

When I first contacted Steed I had no idea if they would even work with me as I am based in Malaysia.

We have a lot less access to help and support so I learned so much from the Steed team. With their help I successfully recruited 5 B2B customers and was able to raise an angel round to build a product. Thanks guys!

Sameeta Sparks

Founder, Game Reflect
Refocused my startup

I already had funding and a product when I approached Steed. Growth had completely stalled and I felt like I didn't know how to spend my time or what to focus on.

The impartial coaching was so valuable to get us back on track, and within mere weeks we were growing both our user base and our client base. I still meet with the team monthly to help keep the momentum we built together.

Dr, Laura Holland

Founder, Triallwell

Pricing and Services

Our pricing philosophy is focused on flexibility and transparency.

Our day rate is £300 and we always give a fixed price up front. If we take longer than that, its on us.

Below are our service categories, but we know that each startup and situation is unique. Best way to start is a free 20 minute call, we'll talk through what you're trying to achieve, challenges you're facing and how we could best support.

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Logo | Identity | Icons | Tone of Voice | Messaging | Mission & Vision | Guidelines


Landing pages | CMS | Webflow | Wordpress | Shopify | Custom Development


Funnel Blueprint | User Journey | Business Model | Competitor / Industry Research | Market Positioning

Paid Media

Meta Ads | Google Ads | TikTok Ads | Ad Creation | Campaign Setup and Management | Reporting


Audience Identification | Direct Messaging Copy | Email Campaigns | Nurture Sequences | Social Content

Sales Collateral

Product Mockups | Explainer Video | Leaflet / One Pager | Sales Deck | Merchandise  

Two men are practicing their startup pitch in front of a group of fellow founders

Pitch Prep

Pitch Deck Design | Pitch Deck Review | Financial Modelling | Pitch Coaching

A man is pitching his startup concept to an investment panel

Investor Introductions

Demo Day Creation / Sourcing | Relevant Network Introductions | Impartial Advisory

A startup coach providing guidance to a startup founder via a video call

Ongoing Support

Founder Coaching | Business Development | Campaign Management | Social Content | Exit Planning



What is Steed?

Steed is a company dedicated to helping companies and founders launch ideas fast. As a team we have worked together on countless start-ups, raised over £10M in seed stage funding and worked with some of the biggest corporate teams in the UK on their internal innovation and spin-out programmes.

What are the benefits of using Steed Vs Doing this myself? 

Not only does the Steed team have the skills that all startup founders require to take a concept to market, but we also have the experience to guide you on setting the right goals and the making the correct decisions. Once you work with Steed you are also part of our network and have access to our support from that point on. We can help you find a development partner, connect you with investors or even try a new idea together.

How Do I engage with Steed? 

Drop us an email or book a call directly! We are happy to discuss an idea with anyone and will respond to any email usually within two working days.

What skills do the Steed team possess?

Our core team is incredibly proficient at helping startups take ideas to market. That means we have skilled up in;
- Design and UX
- Marketing and branding
- Web Development
- Coaching and Strategy
- Raising Investment

What if I'm not sure what I want or need?

Let's have a call.

We only take on founders we think we can really help. If your not one of them we will be open and honest and give you recommendations on what to do next.