Business Innovation Programme

Our programme supports organisations with;

📈 Business growth through disruptive innovation

💡 New product, service or ‘spin-out’ business development

💵 Funding / investment received and deployed

👩‍💻 Job Creation

♻️ NPD cost reduction

🚀 Embedding an entrepreneurial culture and processes

Concept ideation and recruitment / Screening / Programme Delivery / Investment / Continued Support.

Good ideas are rare and often indistinguishable from bad ideas at the outset. We provide a robust process that allows you to source a wide diversity of ideas and quickly vet good ideas from bad.

Our programme is for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate innovators to trial and prepare business ideas for the commercial environment.

Providing the tools, contacts and confidence to transform ideas into successful business projects and spin-out ventures. 

We’re focused on lean startup methodologies that maximise learning, minimise waste, shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business is viable.


Steed 12 week innovation programme
1-2-1 startup mentoring
Lean Startup Methodologies
Startup Product Validation
Startup Traction
Pitch for startup investment

Startup Expertise



Our 12 week programme teaches the fundamentals of launching a lean startup, helping founders focus on the right activities to quickly test, iterate and build evidence for the viability of their startup. 

The programme lays the foundations for building and growing a successful startup, and quickly rules out non-viable concepts before wasting precious time, money and resources.



Luke Thomas Steed

Over 10 years experience working with startup founders. Luke is responsible for the creation and development of a startup programme that has mentored over 1000 fledgling founders, supported over 250 of those to pitch for investment, and successfully raised over £18m in investment for those early stage businesses.

Luke Thomas

Steed | Cofounder

Paul Dodd Steed

An esteemed growth marketer with 15 years experience growing tech enabled businesses, from startups through to scale up and exit.

Paul has spent the last 5 years working directly with concept stage founders supporting them to both lay the correct foundations and execute on their growth plans.

Paul Dodd

Steed | Cofounder


100% Online,

Cohort Intake, Community Support.

Our custom-built learning platform contains templates, tools, video guides and community functionality. Allowing participants to self-serve required content, engage with and support other cohort members as well as requesting and receiving advice directly from Steed team members. 

Throughout the programme this is supported with; 

👉 Weekly office hours drop in sessions

👉 Bookable 1-2-1 mentorship sessions

👉 Weekly webinars following covering the topics below.

Programme Webinars & Group Sessions

Validating your idea without bias

We advise on how to conduct problem interviews and speak to potential customers to get real, valuable and actionable insights without introducing bias.

Minimum Viable Product

Develop and launch your MVP to maximise the opportunity for learning in the shortest possible
time, with the least possible effort. We talk through the different types of MVP and share our advice and best practice for how to achieve this.

Founder Q&A

We invite a successful start-up founder onto the programme to share their experience of building a start-up, sharing tips and advice, and answering questions from the participants.

Practice Pitch

An opportunity to share your progress in a pitch format and get feedback from your peers and Steed team members. The top performers from these sessions will be invited to Demo Day.

Building a user panel

We share our best advice for where and how to find, engage and onboard your first customers / user panel members manually.

Business Model

An overview on the different types, and considerations for business model, pricing, market, financials, and metrics to be aware of when building traction for your start-up.

Pitch Advice

A key part in raising investment is the ability to pitch yourself and your business. Here we share advice and templates for creating and delivering a winning pitch deck.

Demo Day (Optional)

Applicants who complete the course and have reached the required progression stage will be put forward to pitch at Demo Day. This involves an online 10-minute pitch + Q&A with programme sponsors and potential investors.

Any Questions?

Below are some of the things we’re most often asked about our work, the innovation programme and activities we run.

If there’s something that’s not covered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Can the programme be personalised to specific industries and organisations?

Yes, within reason! Certain elements of the programme are fixed as the core modules and process has been designed to be sector and industry agnostic. That said we do typically tailor the sessions and content as much as possible to the participants. For example, inviting specific industry speakers and bringing in mentor support from our network if there is a particular focus on a technology, product line or problem being solved.

Can you offer continued support for the projects at the end of the programme?

After a business innovation programme ends, participating businesses, concepts and founders can continue to receive support and resources from us in different ways. We offer follow-up training and coaching to help businesses continue to grow and develop and have an extensive network of relevant and trusted suppliers to support them through the next stage of development.

What are the eligibility criteria to get onto the programme?

Participants in our programme are selected based on the potential of their business idea, the stage of development of their business, the applicants skills and experience and their ability to benefit from, and commit to, the programme. 

Our screening process starts with an application form, then we meet with each applicant to further discuss their concept, the problem it solves and answer any questions they might have.  Being external to the organisation allows us to complete this with impartiality and without bias and influence from internal factors.

Do you offer innovation consulting services, if we don’t want to commit to a programme straight away?

Yes, many organisations appreciate an experienced and external eye over their current process and practices. We typically do this over a few sessions and including interviews with key team members. We meet with key stakeholders to report and give feedback, advice and recommendations.

If you’re interested in this, please drop us a message here.

How is the success of the innovation programme measured?

This looks different for each organisation, and as part of the onboarding process we work to understand what your organisations goals are and if we’re the right fit to help you achieve them. Throughout the programme and beyond we gather data and metrics to measure and feedback progress against goals. 

Typically these are focused around the following areas;

  1. Business growth
  2. New product, service or ‘spin-out’ business development
  3. Funding and investment received or deployed
  4. Job creation
  5. Impact on business culture
  6. Waste reduction / NPD cost reduction
Do participants typically complete the programme during work time?

The programme is specifically created for ‘workingpreneurs’ to fit around their existing work and commitments. There is self directed work, and the webinars and groups sessions are organised during evenings to allow minimal interruption to the workday.

We ask for a minimum commitment of 6 hours / week. Some organisations permit this during work time, though this isn’t a requirement.

Unlock your organisations innovation potential.

Contact us to better understand how we can support your businesses innovation screening, investment and development plans.

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